Human-Centered Information Technology Services

IT Services with a Human Focus

The aim of 1123IT is to offer technology services that focuses on the people.  Even the best technology is just a tool, a tool for people to use, and we look after it that way.

We work with companies to help them with their technology management and support.  This includes things like systems operations, security, IT projects, and end-user support.

These days, especially with the treacherous security environment most companies find themselves in, a little help can go a long way.  We take a pragmatic, constant progress approach when it comes to managing systems.  No system will ever be fully error-free, or 100% secure, so we work with clients to find their sweet-spot between reliability, robustness, and cost.

Properly managed, IT systems can be an incredible boon for companies and we work with clients to help them find their way there.