Pediatric Therapy EMR Web App.

Building Heroes a Useful Tool

This is a big project. In a nutshell, this project involves building a complete EMR (Electronic Medical Records system) for pediatric therapy clinics (specifically physical, occupational, speech, and language therapies).

This project was borne out of seeing just how bad many of the EMRs are for this audience. First off, many look like computer software from the 90s. This didn’t feel designed for the audience it served at all.

Second (and third) there was very little automation or logical flow to them. They seemed to be endless forms/lists without any real thinking about how to show information that is useful within the context it is being viewed.

In all honesty, this project may never see the light of day. Pretty big bite to take by myself, but a VERY interesting project nonetheless. I love the idea of being able to build a useful tool, especially one for people who do amazing (and often thankless) work day after day.

At its core, this app is a big database with lots of views. The real opportunity here, at least to my way of thinking, comes in the form of organization and automation. Thinking about what the therapist needs from the particular screen and then how to display things as clearly as possible. On top of that, build simple tools to help them organize their work so that they can focus on what they do. Create a tool that requires as little rigamarole as possible and is an enabler of work rather than an obstacle.