Cashless Peer-to-Peer Marketplace Concept Prototpye

Pandemic Anti-Doom Project? You Betcha

OK, so the pandemic was/is a weird time for a lot of people. Those of us fortunate to not have our lives completely gutted in one way or another often picked up a new hobby/project, doubling down on things we can do to keep our minds off the radioactive garbage-fire happening all around us. Mine was web app development.

This project was one borne out of the idea that this was the time for giving/sharing. Probably just an idealistic fever dream? Sure. But at the same time, it was hard to sit back and witness such a stark divide between what a lot of people had and what a lot of people needed. At the time, it seemed like we needed a lot more community.

The idea here is a pretty simple one. Setup a marketplace where the economy is run by giving/trading rather than buying/selling. That is, there are two types of items one can post, “Needs” and “Haves”. Those who have can connect with those who need, and vice versa. 

Users can post “needs” and “haves” and find matches for each with other users who are located in a given geographic distance away. Users can also browse all “needs” and “haves” with the same criteria.

Additionally, those who “have” can post what they want to trade for, as can those who “need”. This may, the app can create matches based on what people have, what people need, and what people are willing to trade to make it all work.