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Pro Bono Websites for Great Causes

Great Causes Deserve a Great Website

There are a lot of amazing groups out there doing amazing things.  Some of these groups, though, seem like they could use some help when it comes to the online portion of their effort.  That is where I want to help.

Once a quarter, I build a modern, responsive website for a great cause free of charge (even down to free hosting).  Non-profits are under so many constraints, constraints that make pulling off a standard website project extremely difficult (if not impossible).  From small budgets, to lots of stakeholders, to low time bandwidth, non-profits often struggle with creative projects.  I can help with that.  I can re-purpose parts we have used on other projects to create a high-quality, modern website very quickly.

I am extremely lucky to be able to run two companies, work from wherever I want, and pick the work I want to do.  An effort like this is just one small step to try and balance that ledger.  However, truly, I end up being the lucky one in these projects.  I get to work with some amazing people, doing incredibly important and inspiring things.  To be able to help them communicate a little better is just a huge honor and a huge pleasure.