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Support Group for Those Who Stutter

Support for People Who Stutter


This project is a little bigger than just the website.  The intent of this project is to create a safe space for people to share their experiences with stuttering.  The support group meets every two weeks and it offers others a chance to talk, listen, and learn.

Since I live in a medium-sized, isolated city, there are some big-city services we are sorely lacking.  Many of these are community-based, one such need being support for those who stutter.  Seeing this deficiency, I set out to do something about it.

Our group meets every two weeks and the aim is to allow people who stutter a place to feel comfortable and share their experience.  Stuttering, like any other outwardly-obvious issue, can create all sorts of nasty social and emotional side-effects, and this group is one small way people who stutter can feel a little less isolation and anxiety.