One-on-One Support for Those Who Stutter

I’ve stuttered since I was 9, it’s a bummer. Randomly, in my 30’s, I stumbled upon a possible treatment that was surprisingly effective. In a nutshell, I found that by balancing my brain chemistry, I was able to reduce my stuttering by 80%-90% (some days, 100%). Over the next couple of years I endeavored to study what I had found, as well as look for ways to enhance the effects even further.

Since then, I have shared what I have learned with others, some of whom have had some pretty amazing results as well. This site is about sharing what I have found as well as offering people one-on-one sessions to help them achieve their goals around stuttering. Managing brain chemistry is not only unique to the person, but it is tricky business, and having a little help along the way (like I wish I would have had) can be a huge asset.