The Union Path Podcast

A practical spiritual podcast about truth, awareness, and walking the path of unity

A reasonable, practical spiritual podcast

The Union Path Podcast project is obviously a passion one.

My aim with this podcast is to share some of the insights and ideas that I have gathered from over 15 years of reading, studying, trying, failing, suffering, and trying again.

Episodes are short, and come out every week. My hope is that every episode is useful, practical, insightful, and applicable.

My motivation for doing this was borne out of my own searching for some sort of understanding, some sort of peace, some sort of knowing while walking through life.

So many of the things I counted on to tell me who I am, how I’m doing, where I am going all seemed so shaky, so unreliable in their correlation and proximity to the life I was actually striving to live.

For me, the key has been in pursuing and developing awareness, on a deep level. In my opinion, self-awareness is the shortest and most accessible route to greater awareness in general.

Life is hard, and there are all sorts of unhelpful lessons and influences out there, some that we can unfortunately absorb and relive, over and over again. I know I have experienced and lived though more than a few. But on the bright side, it is never too late to learn a little more, grow a little more, and be able to experience a little more.

One part spirituality, one part philosophy, and one part humility, I aim to provide a resource for these people that are looking for a little more.