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Long Form Essays, No Really

This project was a short-lived one.  I had some spare time, and some big ideas rattling around my head, so I figured I would write them down. Some of the concepts even seemed pretty interesting, and I loved the way the modern/vintage juxtaposition of the design of the website came out.  These essays took a lot of time, but I was proud of not only the ideas expressed, but also the execution of the expression as well.

Turns out, though, people aren’t exactly lining up to read long-form thought-experiments about social and business issues.  Add to that, since these are just ideas, even though they might be interesting, they really don’t have a lot of relevance.  As such, as a project, this one sort of flat-lined, and considering each essay took about 10 hours to create, there just wasn’t enough gold in them thar hills to keep it going.